"While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is
all about.
                                                 -Angela Schwindt
We have a licensed home daycare on the East side of Indianapolis, IN.  As parents and a child care provider, I know how hard it is to leave
your child with someone else.  My goal, as the care taker of your child, is to provide a safe, family-like learning environment for your child
while you are at work.
My philosophy is that a warm and nurturing environment is made rich by hands on play and learning opportunities.  Children learn about
themselves through their surroundings and interactions with others.
All activities are intended as an opportunity for building social skills in order to become a confident child.  From birth, children are
marvelous learners, immediately investigating sights, sounds, and feels of their surroundings.  Long before walking and talking, they are
already exploring their own abilities and what the world has to offer.  Children of all ages in my care are given opportunities to learn
through experiences with stories, music, art, sensory materials, preschool classes and the outdoors. We are a smoke free home!
and are a LEVEL 3
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