My name is Shelly Hall and in January 2008, I decided to leave the Retail Management world that I had been in
for over 10 years and stay at home to raise my children and help other parents with their childcare needs.  

I have two Bachelors degrees in Business Administration and Business Management and my Child Development
Associate (CDA) Credential, which is a national credentialing program for childcare providers. I also have many
years of experience working in a daycare atmosphere. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love
children. I absolutely look at this as a career because I put every ounce of energy into it. From the moment I
wake up to the time I go to bed, I am caring for children, learning about children or cleaning up after children!

I have three children who love playing with all the daycare kids. They are four, five and ten.
My 10 year old is a
fifth grader at Raymond Park Intermediate Academy and my 5 year old is in
kindergarten at Liberty Park
Elementary School.  I look forward to all of my
children growing up in a house full of love and laughter. My
wonderful husband, who has been very supportive in my decision to do this, also has an
extensive background in
childcare, and works as a manager at Petsmart.