Employment Application
Job Description:
This application is for an assistant position.
We are open from 7:30am-5:30pm, so the more available
you are during these times, the better. We also hire high school students to help after school.

The assistant is responsible for helping clean up after lunch, caring for infants, having song and story
time with all children, feeding children snack and preparing children to go home.  You must not mind
getting your hands dirty (yes, this includes everything from cleaning toilets to changing diapers).  We
are looking for someone who loves children and always has their best interests in mind.  You must be
able to pass a background check and drug test, take CPR class and pass a TB screening and physical.  
Phone Number:
Resume or Education and/or Work Experience along with any references:
Why do you want to work with young children?
How can you make our program stronger?
What do you think will be the hardest part
about this job?
What do you think you will love most about this
List additional relevant qualifications, volunteer activities, or whatever else makes you qualified for this job:
Thank you so much for your interest in A Happy Home Daycare, LLC.  By sending this application,
you acknowledge that it is completed truthfully to the best of your ability.  You also understand that
if any information is found to be false, you will be ineligible for employment.  Please send your
application and we will let you know if there is a position available and if we'd like to set up an

Due to the fact that we have several children with asthma, smoking is not permitted at any time in or
around our daycare.  It is also best if you do not have smoke on your clothing or belongings.