Do you have a license?  Yes.
How many children are you licensed for?  The most children that can be in the home at one time is 16.
Are you and your assistant trained in infant and child CPR/1st Aid?  Yes.
Are you closed when you or your assistant takes vacations?  Not always.  We may take our vacation separately.
Are payments still required when parents go on vacations?  Yes.
Are payments still required when the providers go on vacations?  No.
Are you closed for holidays?  Yes.  We are closed on major holidays.  You will receive a list of holidays that we are closed on at the beginning of every
year.  That list can also be found at the bottom of this page.
When are payments due?  Monday or the first day of attendance each week.
If children are sick, are parents required to pick them up? (Ex. Pink eye or fever)  Yes.  You will receive a phone call as soon as we realize that your
child is sick.
Do I still have to pay when my child does not attend?  Full time children pay the weekly rate regardless of how many days they attend.  Part time
children pay only for the days they attend.  When enrolling, you must choose between full time or part time.  These rates vary.
Do you participate in USDA Food Program?  Yes.  Healthy foods (breakfast, lunch and snack) are provided for you.
Are you and your assistant required to pass background checks and drug test?  Yes.  My husband is also required to pass.
Are the toys cleaned on a daily basis?  Yes.
Do you hold spaces?  Yes.  We have a waiting list and will hold spots for 8 weeks with a deposit (that will be put toward the first two weeks of care).
Do you do drop off's and pick up's from school?  No.
What school bus currently drops off and picks up at your home?  Liberty Park Elementary and Lowell
When did you start your home daycare?  January 2008.
What do the children do during the day?  We have a schedule for each age group.  We also offer a comprehensive curriculum for each age group that
promotes social skills and learning while having fun.  You will receive more information on this upon enrollment.
What are the parents required to bring for their children?  Diapers and a change of clothing.
What time is best to setup interviews for daycare?  The best hours are from 9am-11am or after 6pm, but only when we have openings.
Do the providers take classes throughout the year?  Yes, we take many classes throughout the year to expand our knowledge.  We are required to take
a minimum of 20 hours per year in accordance with Paths to Quality.  We also read books and articles or a regular basis.  We want to provide the best care
possible for your child.
When are the sheets, blankets and pillows washed?  Every Friday evening or as needed (when soiled).
What are your hours?  7am – 5:30pm
Do you give parents information to write payments off on their taxes.  Yes.  Every payment is tax deductible.
Can I call throughout the day to make sure my child is OK?  Absolutely!  We encourage as much communication as you are comfortable with.
Have you received any formal training to watch children in your home?  Yes.  I have received my Child Development Associate Credential.
Are you involved with Paths to Quality?  Yes.  We are currently at Level 3, which is higher than almost all other family daycares in Indianapolis.
Do you ever get inspections from the state?  Yes.  We receive 4 surprise inspections a year from the Family and Social Service Administration and Day
Nursery (for the USDA food program).  We also are inspected and evaluated at least once a year in order to comply with the
Paths To Quality standards.
Are all children required to be immunized and do staff have physical examinations?  Yes.
May I see a copy of your license or other certification?  Yes.  A copy of my license is posted on a bulletin board.
May I have a list of parents (former and current) who have used your care?  Absolutely.  A list of parents will be given to you upon request.
Where do children nap? How do you put babies down to sleep?  Children nap in the living room on their own mat or bed.  Babies and toddlers (up to 24
months) sleep in a pack and play or crib.  Infants are always put to sleep on their backs.

Closed on the following holidays:
January 1, New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
July 4th, Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day and day after
Entire week of Christmas
We close at 5pm on December 31, New Year's Eve