I recently read something on a website for a national chain daycare that was very upsetting.  They were trying to explain why
they charge so much.  This is what they said, "While our tuition is very competitive with other well-known regional and national
child care providers, our rates are typically higher than in-home care because:
Our teachers are highly trained and qualified
We develop and maintain a specific curriculum for each age group to optimize your child’s education
We have strict licensing requirements (building integrity and cleanliness, teacher-to-child ratio, dietary guidelines,curriculum,
etc.) that greatly benefit the care and education every child receives, but require money to meet."
Now, I understand that most family child care providers do not supply all of these things, but we supply these and so much
more.  We encourage you to take a second look at why big box child care providers are not always worth the extra money.

Here are just a few of the advantages of home care:
  • Your child receives individual attention.
  • The child to teacher ratio is much, much lower.
  • Your child's diaper will be changed on an as needed basis instead of scheduled changes, which allows for less diaper rash
    and happier children.
  • There is structure with more flexibility than in a center.
  • There is less illness because there are fewer people in and out, which means fewer germs are spread to your child.
  • Your child is cared for and taught by a trained childcare professional who is a mother as well.
  • Children have an opportunity to play and learn with others in a much smaller group than in a center.
  • Your child has the same caregiver all day every day.  And there is one person who knows exactly what your child has done,
    eaten, etc. during the day.

I continue the parents role of caregiver, nurturer, comforter, and first teacher.  I am not just a babysitter.  A sitter comes
into your home for a few hours.  You tell her what you want for your child.  I welcome you and your child into my home.  I plan
meals and schedules according to what is best for your child.  I organize all of the children's activities.  I will appreciate your
family values and child rearing practices.  I am a professional and you can rely on my judgement.  Working together as a team,
we will provide what is best for your child.  I am not a substitute for you.  You are the most important person in your child's
life and I absolutely respect that.

I believe that your child deserves the best care possible.  If you agree, please
click on the "request info" button above and fill
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