Why should I choose your
licensed home daycare?

  • I, your childcare provider, have gone through a lot to ensure you and your child receive quality care.
  • We spend hours on curriculum planning each week.
  • My assistant and I have undergone a physical to ensure we are healthy enough to care for your child.
  • We get tested yearly for TB.
  • We have had extensive background checks both statewide & nationwide.
  • We have all been fingerprinted downtown to ensure we have no past or present criminal history.
  • My assistants and I have infant & child CPR, First Aid & Universal Precautions certification that are renewed yearly.
  • I claim all of the income that I receive from you on my taxes and pay, heavily.  You also get to write off what you pay me
    on your taxes.
  • I have surprise inspections of my home from the state and 3-4 surprise visits from the Day Nursery to ensure the children
    are being fed healthy, well balanced, sanitary meals.
  • I have 3 smoke alarms & 5 fire extinguishers.
  • I have fire escape plans posted as well as monthly fire drills.
  • We can go to my basement if there is a threat of tornado.
  • I have posted by the telephone police, fire, ambulance & poison control numbers.
  • I have notified the fire department of my childcare home.
  • I have taken a "Safe Sleeping Practices" class to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • I have a CDA or Childcare Development Associate Credential.
  • I complete at least 20 hours of professional development each year.
  • I have a Bachelors degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.
  • I am willing to let the State come into my home, invade my and my husband space, get poked, prodded, and fingerprinted
    for the sake of your child.

I know that there are plenty of unlicensed, wonderful providers, but ask yourself, "Would they be willing to do all of this for
my child?", then ask yourself, "Why haven't they?"